Know The Basic Steps In Cleaning Honeywell Air Cleaners


Another great product of air purifiers is the Honeywell air cleaner which has three-speed air purifier that is good to eliminate airborne allergens.  Aside from that, it has two indicators which could help you in taking care of your air cleaner. The first indicator would tell if the filter needs maintenance while the second one indicates that the pre-filter needs to be replaced. It is so easy to keep the maintenance of this system. Here are few of the steps to do to clean your air purifier.

Honeywell HEPA air purifiers are mostly recommended for medium-sized rooms about 14 by 14 feet. It is highly advised that you also vacuum the floor around the purifier since there is so much air drawn through the filter.

When you start to clean the purifier, be sure to turn it off and unplug it. Place it in area where there is enough supply of light and you will not have hard time cleaning the floor. Unscrew the locking handle and remove the center filter along with the pre-filter wrapped around the HEPA filter. Set them aside and clean first the case of the machine.

Use a brush to clean the ventilation slots where the air passes through. You also have to vacuum the dust with the vacuum hose attachment.  Use a clean cloth to use to remove the dust inside the housing.  Make sure to replace the pre-filter every three months. Read the instructions on how to properly replace pre-filter to the air purifier.

Clean the HEPA filter before putting the new pre-filter. Actually, the new filters could last even up to three years. Vacuum these filter cartridges perhaps every six months to have efficient performance of the system. Place back all the filters inside the housing carefully. Make sure that the locking handle is tightening so that it is secure.

Having the idea on the basic steps in keeping your things would help you save more. With this, I’m sure you will seldom buy air purifiers especially if you chose the right one for you and have it well-maintained.


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